Monday, July 28, 2014

Hidden Spark

It has been over two years since I've published a poem here on The Poet's Fire.  This came to me yesterday, a poem about inspiration:

The Hidden Spark

It begins with stellar pain:
An explosion of flame.
Fire erupts,
Casting light, a burning light, a searing light
In every direction.
Dancing away from the cradle,
Wondering why space isn’t white
From so much rushing light.

It never ends, the mental pain:
Wait, try, struggle, cry.
A circle of doubt,
Leave the stove on? Pay the bill? Do they know?
Am I happy?
Stumbling away from the cradle
Wondering if life ever eases
In a sea of confusion.

Dawn breaks, masking the hidden spark
It waits behind the brazen sun,
A blanket of gold and blue,
Hides its ancient idea,
That tiny dancing flame.

You gaze up at the empty sky
An empty shell yourself
Sun draws away; the waiting star falls
Tumbling from heaven.

Down it dashes, jumping in your eye
Catching hold of the doubt
Burning it away
An idea.

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