Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Guest Post: Heather Greenis

Today I welcome fellow author Heather Greenis:

Thanks so much for hosting me, Chris. Allow me to begin by saying how much I enjoyed your book, School of Deaths.  I highly recommend it.  I would have given you 5 stars, but being new to the field, as I am, we have room to grow and develop.  Can’t wait for the sequel.

As for my journey, it began over 10 years ago with an actual dream that I couldn’t get out of me head. My imagination took over and voila, a 4 book saga. It was my husbands idea that I write. I’m certain there are days he regrets that. I’m addicted to my laptop. Pandora’s Box has been opened!

The Natasha saga is just that, a continuing saga. A family drama with a bit of comedy mixed in. What family doesn’t have their comical moments. This is not a typical romance novel. Boy meets girl, fall in love, have a crisis and everyone lives happily ever after. The story is deeper. The men that are reading this are enjoying it. I’ve had some amazing reviews from guys. Readers tell me it makes them chuckle, tear up and cringe.  Mission accomplished. I hope it makes people think.

I read a lot of different genre’s so I doubt I’ll take on another saga, but you never know.  Never say never. Currently, I’m playing with some other projects that I hope to submit.

The Natasha Saga - Natasha’s Dream, Natasha’s Diary, Natasha’s Hope and Natasha’s Legacy.

It’s about greed, compassion, sacrifice among other things.
Natasha’s world is turned upside down once she volunteers at an orphanage. 
Now, her dream is to escape a horrid future.  There are severe consequences.                             
Who is Alexander?  And why is he invading Keeghan’s dreams?

It’s a great time to buy them. They are all reduced from their regular price.
https://itunes.apple.com/dk/artist/heather-greenis/id664636677?mt=11  click on the blue ‘view in itunes button.

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  1. Hi Chris - First of all, a big congratulations. Chris and the love of his life were married on June 6. Yes, married on my launch day. We were celebrating for different reasons.
    Thanks for hosting me. Much appreciated. As Chris mentioned, 1 person that comments will win a copy of one of my books. Tell me which you'd like and the format you'd prefer. Chris will decide the winner!

  2. Who would imagine one dream would evolve into four complete works? Best of success with each of the books in the Natasha Saga, Heather, and congrats!

    1. Thanks for commenting. The characters took on a life of their own, with a little help from my imagination.

  3. Congratulations, Heather on the completion of the Natasha Saga! What an accomplishment. You should be proud. Best wishes with the saga and your future writing endeavors.

  4. Thanks for stopping by, Susan. I really appreciate it.