Monday, May 5, 2014


Planning to purchase School of Deaths on Kindle?  Planning to buy anything from Amazon, ever?  

If you're like most people I know you've used Amazon to purchase something.  They're the largest online store, and one of the largest international megacorporations around.

School of Deaths by Christopher Mannino
now on Amazon Kindle

If you plan to purchase on Amazon, consider purchasing from its mirror site AmazonSmile instead.  It is the exact same site, with every product listed at the same price, but Amazon sends .05 percent of your costs to a charity you designate.  Half a percent might seem like nothing, and it's certainly not an alternative toward donating directly to charity, but still, imagine if everyone who purchsed from Amazon did so through Smile?  Half of an Amazon profit percentage is a high number, if enough people do it, just imagine...

Also, today I have another interview- this time with author Sara-Jayne Townsend:


  1. I hope amazon smile works it's way to Canada. I would love proceeds of my books to go to charity. That would make me smile!

    Great blog post!

    Heather G - Natasha Saga

  2. I wasn't aware of this. Thanks for sharing, Chris.

  3. What a lovely concept! Thanks for sharing!