Tuesday, May 15, 2012


At long last my college days came to an end, as I received my Masters of Arts degree in Theatre Education on Saturday.  The MATE program has been wonderful, I have learned a great deal, made some great friends, and feel fully prepared for a career in Theatre Education.  I also got to go to Oxford last fall, as part of my graduate work, and of course had the time of my life there.

The ceremony was nice, albeit a bit long, and my family went to a lovely dinner afterwards.  The pictures in the slide show come from my camera (used by Rachel), my mom's camera, and I borrowed a couple of pics from my advisor Rosalind, who was snapping away as well.

Just three days after Graduation, today, I received my first request for a theatre teaching interview.  I have been applying to positions, counties, and schools for the past three months, but this timing was good.  The interview isn't until June, and is at a public school in Waldorf.

I am thrilled to have my degree, thrilled to finish with a nearly perfect GPA (only one A minus in my grad career), and thrilled to be done with graduate school and college!

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