Monday, January 9, 2012

Student Teaching

This is a year of great learning, as I spent the fall semester having the adventure of a lifetime abroad, and returned to student teach. It was a difficult financial decision, as it means a full school year without work, but hopefully the choice will pay off. After many months and much confusion surrounding possibilities of student teaching I have received a placement at Yorktown High School, in Arlington, VA. I will be student teaching with Carol Cadby, who I met several times at workshops she presented at Catholic. I am anxious to begin my student teaching, a little nervous about the semester, and at the same time, eagerly looking forward to May when I am finally finished with schooling, and can begin an actual career teaching on my own.

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  1. As an update, and on a less encouraging note, the student teaching placement is now under question, and other positions are still be looking at. This is a long and frustrating story, but needless to say I really would like to actually start...