Thursday, October 6, 2011

Freshers Week

This is Fresher's Week. It is also called Zero Week of Michaelmas Term, and each subsequent week is numbered after it, up to Eighth Week. Freshers are new students to Oxford- not just Freshmen, but any new student, myself included. The city, which was quiet for the month of September, is a madhouse. Fresher's Week, in a word, is insane!

Many meetings, appointments, initial meetings with our tutors, induction into the Bodelian Library, tour of the Oxford Union Society (the library pictured is OUS- not the Bodelian) and formal dinners. My housemates all went to formal dinner on Monday, mine was on Wednesday. It was fun. Today (Thursday) was Fresher's Fair -which is a massive and completely insane event where every club, organization, sport, etc in the University (38 colleges) tries to get you to join them. I am excited to audition for plays though, have been working on a monologue, and audition next week!

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